Captain to Sickbay, Prepare for Causalties

I was really hoping that last season’s injury bug was a one year anomaly. I was not a fan of having to see the likes of both Blake Comeau and Lee Stempniak playing extensively on the the 2nd line for weeks on end. Unfortunately for the Flames, the bug has returned. With Sven Baertschi already injured, Miikka Kiprusoff joined him in sickbay during the Detroit game. Then we heard news of Mike Cammalleri going down with a hip flexor injury holding him out of the Columbus game, and now Mikael Backlund is out and will likely be re-evaluated once he arrives back in Calgary and is assumed to be out against Vancouver. Usually when someone has to wait till a road trip is over to be re-evaluated, it means that it’s a week to week injury rather than a day to day.

So with that, there goes a full line’s worth of depth and the starting goalie. I’m really glad that Feaster addressed the depth issue and brought in Cervenka and Hudler in the offseason. At least we aren’t being treated to Blake Comeau on the 2nd line yet. With the injuries to Backlund and Cammalleri, we will likely see someone recalled for the game against the Canucks on Saturday.

The game against Columbus was a good rebound effort for a change. Usually when they have a period like they did in the first, that’s how they play for the rest of the game heading into a loss. Instead they turned it on and reset their play and took over after the first and basically dominated the Jackets like they did the Wings, the Hawks and several of the other teams they’ve played recently. Encouraging.

Go Flames Go.

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