End Of An Era. Iginla Leaves To Try And Win A Cup.

Just like that, it’s over. Finished. Jarome Iginla is no longer a Flame. I am still in shock. It feels weird typing that. It doesn’t feel real and probably won’t until we see him in a Penguins jersey for the first time. It has been a trying year for everyone involved with the Flames. The players, the managers, the coaches and especially the fans. It will become even more difficult later today at 10:30 when Iginla will say his good-byes to all the fans that have cheered “IG-GY IG-GY IG-GY” for the past 16 years. I’m sure that tears will be shed by both him and the fans this morning, as they should. It is hard seeing someone who has been a part of our family for the greater parts of two decades leave home.

He grew up in front of our eyes in each of our living rooms ever since he broke into the league as a fresh faced teenager. He showed a lot of moxie on the ice and was all class off it. We saw him mature and grow into a leader and champion, and eventually our captain. That really doesn’t do him justice though. He was our general. He was the Calgary Flames and he brought us back to respectability after the franchise had been in a tailspin. He became the best player in the NHL and brought us to within one goal of our second Stanley Cup. We saw him become a Hall of Famer and the best player to ever don the Flaming C.

In the years following the magical 2004 run, we saw him knock down milestone after milestone. 300 Goals, 400, 500 Goals 1000 Points, franchise record highs in goals and points and more. We saw him win gold medals in the Olympics, both in 2002 and setting up his new linemate Sidney Crosby for the Gold winning goal in 2010. We have seen him win everything at everything possible in hockey except for one thing.

That brings us to today. A sad day in hearts of all Flames fans. He leaves home. Traveling to Pittsburgh to try and win that elusive Stanley Cup. We are all sad that we couldn’t see him finish his career here. Everyone has that parental instinct to hold on to those that are close for as long as possible, but that ends today. He will go on to fight anew for that prize that he wants more than anything and we will all be happy to see our fearless leader lift that silver mug. Go Win It Iggy. We are all behind you.

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