Season Ticket Holder Meeting Notes and Info

Tonight, I attended my first season ticket holder meeting. It was a very interesting experience.

Here are the Cole’s notes of what I recall from the meeting.

The Flames are waiting for the next municipal election before moving ahead with their building plans. (My Notes): It’s a bit of a headache putting in all the plans through committees and getting that process started with certain alderpersons and have them possibly change and having to start the process over again addressing the new people’s concerns.

The Flames have been evaluating their players and seeing whether or not they fit in the long term situation or are they going to be on their way out. Cervenka was given a 3 year 12 million dollar contract in the KHL, (My Notes): He would’ve been stupid to not take that kind of money so it makes a lot of sense for him to go back.

They discussed their decision lens program which they input criteria for what they are looking for in prospects and players. They put all the opinions of their scouts in and it ranks the players accordingly. They use that as a compass as their scouts might have a certain prospect as being #3 on their list and yet the program says that specific player is actually #17 according to the raw data. That kind of discrepancy causes them to re-evaluate that player etc.

When it comes to the draft and player acquisition in general, they are going to have all options open. They feel that there are three really good players in this draft and are hoping to move up into a position to take one of them, but it has to make sense as well.

They scouted the memorial cup heavily as there was 7 players that they have ranked in the top 30 playing in that tournament, so they were able to get more data on them.

Once the question period began, I asked a question. It was in regards to the teams that have won cups since the last lockout they all had something in common, which was both talent and size, and seeing as the Flames are starting with basically a blank slate will they be targeting players with that kind of profile.

Jay Feaster responded by saying that they are definitely looking at players that are larger, but that is not going to be how they make their picks exclusively either. He relayed a story about how they were playing the Sharks and had a line of Cammalleri (5-9) Horak (5-11) and Hudler (5-10) being matched up all night against Havlat (6-2) Thornton (6-5) and Burns (6-5) and while the opposition didn’t factor in on the score sheet, they did wear the Flames line down physically all night, so they definitely understand what kind of impact that large players have. Looking forward to the draft, they have a 5-9 player that is somewhat high on their draft list, but if he’s build solidly like Marty St. Louis, then that it shouldn’t be a problem. If the player is short and not built solidly like that they would prefer going with someone bigger. Additionally, prospects are also assets for future trades and that he has received many calls for John Gaudreau even though he’s not tall, where a former defenseman that was selected in the first round never received a phone call (I think he was referring to Pelech). So it’s all depends on what they have and what they need etc. More quality assets is the most important thing though.

Another person inquired about the possibility of Jarome Iginla returning in the future and that was immediately shot down as it’s not going to happen.

The question of captaincy also came up and there is a clear cut favourite but I will not share that.

Afterwards, I asked Ken King if the Flames are going to be patient in their rebuild, seeing as Canadian Teams tend to feel pressure to rush things to get back to the playoffs as soon as possible and that might hinder them from winning the cup, and he said that the Flames don’t mind taking a few lumps from the media as long as they build the team properly as they want to win.

That was music to my ears.

Thank you to Jay Feaster, Ken King, Rollie Cyr and the Flames organization for hosting the event.

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