Episode 136: Heating Up At The Halfway Mark

We’re at the midway point in the season, and this week we discuss what’s changed and how the Flames have got themselves into a playoff spot after being dead last earlier in the season, and how our Pacific Division rivals are doing.

After looking at some interesting stats from the first half from Ryan Pike, we evaluate which of the Flames free agents we should keep, which ones should be let go. With the All-Star game coming up, who do we think should be the Flames representative, and who do we think will represent the Flaming C?

Lets get ready for the second half of the season. It’s Go Time!

Episode 135: Will Brouwer Be Missed?

This week Dan is joined by special guest co-host Mike Gould to recap the exciting week of Flames action that closed out 2016. The team had some bigs wins, but lost Troy Brouwer to injury. How much will he be missed in the lineup, and how will his injury alter the Flames forward lines?

We debate who has the better offensive upside – Matthew Tkachuk or Sam Bennett and what each player has to do as their careers progress – and on the flip side we try to figure out why Sean Monahan is struggling.

Looking back on the Doug Gilmour trade 25 years later, it still looks like a terrible deal for the Flames. What other terrible deals have the Flames made since? Was the Phaneuf trade a bad deal, or a good deal?

All this and more as we look ahead to the start of the new year.

Episode 134: Recapping 2016

In our last episode of 2016 we look back at the troubled first months of the Flames season. The Flames looked atrocious in September and have turned things around – we break down what changed, how the Flames have become competitive, and what direction the team has to go in to stay in a playoff hunt in 2017.

As we look ahead to 2017 we make big predictions and resolutions such as who the first Flame to be traded is, who we lose in the expansion draft, what the Flames final position in the NHL standings will be, and which of our goalies gets the most starts in the new year.

We hope every one of our listeners has an excellent holiday season! Thanks for listening to the show and we hope you continue to join us in 2017.

Episode 133: Learning How To Dougie

Looking at the last week of Flames hockey, and the 5-0 start to December – the Flames are finally on a roll! Dougie Hamilton is among Flames who have had a great week. We’ll discuss what’s changed and how the Flames have put together such a win streak. We’ll look around the league at former Flames Joe Colborne and Josh Jooris and how they’re doing on their respective teams as well as debating if the Flames should try and bring Jarome Iginla back at the deadline.

Are the guys optimistic about the next week of Flames hockey, or do they predict the team falls apart after their short break this week?

Episode 132: Roasted Duck

The Flames swept this week, winning everything including a big 8-3 win over the Anaheim Ducks.  The team looks like they’re turning things around, currently sitting tied for a Wildcard playoff spot in the Western Conference. The Flames lines are looking different these days with some players returning, some out, and Gaudreau and Monahan playing on different lines.  We look at each Flames line and how it’s contributing to the team’s success.

At the 1/3 point of the season we look at Flames stats so far, what players are doing well and who is slumping, and we’ll look at the results of the Flames Super Skills competition.

Episode 131: Time For Some Home Cooking!

As the Flames return home after their longest road trip of the season, Dan and Matt recap the last four games and if the Flames are on an upward or downward trend – as well as the debut of Mark Jankowski and our thoughts on his play.

With Dougie Hamilton’s name being thrown around as a potential trade target, the guys debate what his value would be on the open market and if the Toronto Maple Leafs may be a good trade partner.

Jon Gillies is back in action with Stockton – we’ll recap their week of hockey look ahead to the Flames next week of games and our predictions for how they do.

Episode 130: Missing Gaudreau

We’re starting to notice a trend that the Flames can go on hot streak and then sink fast after a bad game or two. How do they combat this and what will it take to be consistent? With Johnny Gaudreau out of action for the long term who will step up and take over as a scoring threat on the first line?

We look at Chad Johnson’s four starts in a row and debate if he’s earned the starter’s job for the Flames this season.  Plus a look at David Rittich in Stockton after a successful weekend.

We debate if the NHL should participate in the next Winter Olympics, and what we think the name for the Las Vegas NHL franchise will be.

Episode 129: Something Has To Change

Another disappointing week for the Flames has us wondering what’s going on with the Flames and what it’ll take to turn the team around.  Does the team need to fire the coach? Make a big trade? Bring in fresh blood from Stockton?  We break down the Flames season to date and try to predict what it takes to get the Flames out of this funk, and how long they have to get going before the season is lost.

Episode 128: The Curse Continues

Now with 24 consecutive regular season losses in the Honda Center in Anaheim, the Flames come home from the California road trip with a new NHL record they don’t want to hold, and a road trip that was less successful than anticipated.  We recap everything to do with the road trip and try to find ways to fix the Flames gameplay before it’s too late.

Episode 127: Closing out October

After a good week of Flames hockey we’re back to recap the last week of games, and to look at what now seems to be a finalized version of the Flames lineup.  The third and fourth lines have been the best forward groups on the ice this season, and the Monahan and Gaudreau needs to be better for the Flames to have continued success. We recap the Stockton Heat’s week and look ahead to the Flames California road trip. Can we break the Honda Center curse finally?