Fireside Chat Episode 102: Holiday Hockey Talk

Listen To Episode 102: Holiday Hockey Talk

Happy Holidays! In our last episode of 2015 we look back at the Flames pre-Christmas break week of games and their continued success at home, and their struggles on the road.  After Johnny Gaudreau’s hat-trick against the Jets (and 100th NHL point), we look at his career as a Flame so far and where he sits in team record books. Ferland and Jooris are back in the lineup, so we look at their play and long-term futures as Flames and we cover other Flames news of the week and look ahead to 2016.

As we mentioned on the show, Karri Rämö has a new set of goalie pads that are eerily similar to a set that Kipper wore as a Flame. Is Ramo trying to channel his inner Kipper?

Kipper vs Ramo - New Pads
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