Fireside Chat Episode 81: Round 1…The First Three Games

Listen To Episode 81: Round 1…The First Three Games

In the first ever playoff edition of Fireside Chat, we break down the first three games of the series game-by-game and what the Flames have done well, and where they have come up short – and how the league is handing the officiating for this series.  Sam Bennett’s playoffs, as well as the surprise playoff run from Michael Ferland.  As we look to game four and beyond we discuss what the Flames will have to do to win the series against the Canucks.

And after the 2015 NHL Draft Lottery, we spend a couple minutes talking about the Oilers and what they’re going to do with the first overall pick and Connor McDavid.  Would they trade the pick? Or would McDavid pull a Lindros and not sign in Edmonton?  This leads us to discussing way more about the Eric Lindros trade than any Flames podcast ever needs.

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