Fireside Chat Episode 84: Recapping A Surprising Season

Listen To Episode 84: Recapping A Surprising Season

We start the show with a look back at the second round series against the Ducks, and compare and contrast the two teams and how they are built – and why the Flames fell so easily.  With the help of our guest Kevin Olenick of Agree or Disagree: The Podcast, we recap the 2014-2015 season as a whole including looking back at some of our predictions for this year to see how well we predicted the season, and we do an in-depth break down of this year’s team by position and discuss where they need to improve, and what we expect the Flames to do in the off-season including our thoughts on UFAs we’d like to see here.

There is plenty of debate this year as we dig into our final analysis of this year’s excellent Flames run.

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