Fireside Chat Episode 88: Rookie Camp Recap 2015

Listen To Episode 88: Rookie Camp Recap 2015

We spent the last week at the 2015 Flames Rookie Development Camp.  We were at WinSport with the team for all four days of on-ice training this week, and were able to spend time with many of the prospects after their on-ice sessions to get their thoughts.

This week’s episode is a little bit of a different format than usual.  We’ve got a daily recap of what happened each day of the camp which we recorded right after the daily on ice sessions from the Joan Snyder Arena at WinsSport – and then interviews we conducted with each player on that day.

If you want to get the full details of the Team White vs. Team Red Scrimmage, we have a Game Recap breaking down all the important stats, which you can read here.

This show is about 2 hours in length.

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